In exercise of the powers conferred on it by the by-law of the NITDA Cooperative Thrift 2021, the NITDA Cooperative Electoral Committee hereby issues the following guidelines for campaigns and e-voting by candidates and cooperative thrift members. 


The guidelines for campaigns are outlined as follows:

  1. The Electoral Committee is empowered to monitor all campaigns and provide rules and regulations which will govern candidates as well as keep records of the activities of all candidates vying for any office in the cooperative accordingly
  2. The target audience of all campaigns shall be members of the NITDA Cooperative Thrift
  3. All campaigns shall aim at canvassing for votes in favour of candidate  
  4. Campaigns shall commence only after the screening exercise and subsequent release of candidates list by Electoral Screening Committee precisely, August 19, 2022.  
  5. All campaigns shall last for 10 days and end at least 24 hours prior to the election to be held August 31, 2022.
  6. Campaigns or advertising/sharing of campaign materials including posters, videos and audios shall be by direct messages, one-one calls, Whatsapp, cooperative platforms only. 
  7. Posting of campaign materials on social media platforms that are open to the general public such as Facebook, Blogs, Instagram and Youtube are not allowed. 
  8. Posting of campaign materials on NITDA walls or in any of NITDA premises including Notice Board are prohibited
  9. Use of hate speech, discrimination and insult of opponent must be strictly avoided 
  10. Campaign contents posted anywhere in breach of NITDA Cooperative by-law 2021 shall be sanctioned and may lead to disqualification of candidate. 

The guidelines for voting are summarized as follows:

  • • Voting for candidates into all offices of the NITDA Cooperative Thrift 2022 shall be by electronic means via
  • • There shall be no provisions for voice votes, thumb-printing or any other form of voting in this election
  • • Candidates contesting for any office is eligible to vote for self or other candidates standing in this election
  • • Only members of the NITDA cooperative are eligible to vote
  • • Voting shall commence 8:30am September 01, 2022 and end by 5:00pm the same day
  • • In line with the cooperative by-law, posts or offices with only one candidate seeking for election shall still receive votes from members accordingly
  • • Accreditation of voters which shall commence 24 hours before the elections, shall be by issuance of voting ID and Password which shall be sent only to members of cooperative by official e-mail address or by Whatsapp
Issued by the NITDA Cooperative Electoral Committee, 2022 in FCT Abuja, this August 19, 2022.